SMS – Secret Maths Society (formally Maths Assist) – Cross-age Tutoring at Tintern Grammar

This year, the Mathematics faculty will again be running the SMS program.  

Competent Mathematics students from Years 10, 11 & 12 will again volunteer their time to support students from Years 7 to 9 in their development of mathematical skills and increase their confidence in this subject. While the program is geared towards tutoring Middle School students (Years 7 -9), Year 10 students who wish to become involved are also welcome.

Observations have shown that both the student tutors and the student tutees benefit from the cross-age tutoring experience. Tutors can improve their understanding through teaching and become more responsible while doing something worthwhile to help others, as well as further develop their social, communication and leadership skills. The time volunteered can contribute towards their Community Service or CAS hours. Tutees can improve their levels of self-confidence and mathematical aptitude as a result of receiving individual assistance from their peers.

SMS will be conducted in the Cullen Library on Wednesdays from 3:45pm to 4:45pm, beginning on Wednesday 14 February (Week 3). Booking sheets will be located at the reception at the Cullen Library. Tutees are asked to write their name on the booking sheet by 3.30pm on the Tuesday prior, so Tutors can be notified. Mathematics staff will be in attendance to monitor the program and provide support where necessary. It should be stressed that, as always, students are encouraged to seek assistance from their Mathematics teacher when difficulties arise in class.

It is hoped that SMS will provide an additional opportunity for support and a positive experience for all those involved. For further information, I can be contacted by email at

by Vanessa Rich, Head of Mathematics AND Lily, Victoria and Emma, Mathematics Captains 2018



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