Signing in and out for secondary students

Signing-out ill

All secondary section families are advised that if a student feels ill during the day at School they are required to attend Sick Bay where a decision will be made by one of our First Aid Officers on whether they should sign out as ill. Parents will be contacted by Sick Bay if this is the case. Students are aware of this requirement and have recently been reminded of the correct procedure.

Please note, if a student brings a signed note from home advising their Pastoral Mentor that they have a medical appointment to attend later in the day, there is no need for the student to attend Sick Bay before being collected to go home by her/his parents in this situation.

Signing-in at Head Space/the School Counsellor’s Office

Students have also recently been reminded that if they attend the School Counsellor’s Office and/or the Head Space room at the Counselling area, there is a “swipe device” which records their attendance – thus, enabling the School to be aware that they are safely on site while maintaining their confidentiality.



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