Shakespeare in the Park – a Year 9 performance

Watching a teenage boy run around in a dress on the oval is not anyone’s idea of a typical Wednesday afternoon, but on Wednesday 25 November, this is exactly what the Year 9 level did. As part of our extensive study on Shakespeare’s famous Romeo & Juliet, the Year 9s were asked to form small groups within their English classes, in order to adapt a scene from the well known play. Choreography, props, costumes, and performing skills were aspects we were to focus on, and it was recommended that we add our own twist to the story.

Throughout the experience, we had an enjoyable time working together in order to produce the best possible interpretation to present to the class. After they were performed to the class, it was up to our English teachers to select those who would then present their plays to the year level at a combined gathering. Twists such as bogan Capulets and Montagues, the Bachelorette of Verona, the Kardashians in Shakespeare, the traditional, and many others were presented as genres ranged from comical, to ridiculous, to romantic, to tragic.

Overall, it was a popular topic and an excellent opportunity for the students to see each other’s hidden dramatic skills. Many laughs were had, with all students exiting the performance alive, thankfully not meeting their characters’ fate.

by Lauren Higgins and Holly Fryer, Year 9




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