Senior College Report

Senior College Information Evening

Wednesday 1 February was the first full day of school this year and teaching commenced by 10.35am after a pastoral session with the Form Mentors and a Secondary School Welcome Assembly. On the evening of Wednesday 1 February the Senior College Information Evening was held and our Year Level Co-ordinators (Mrs Jennifer Tsai Bove (Year 12); Mr Nick Stefanac (Year 11) and Mrs Heather Ruckert (Year 10), the five Pastoral Mentors at each year level and I were delighted to greet the many parents who took the opportunity to attend and hear about the programs and special features of their daughter’s/son’s year level.. A copy of each of the Year Level Co-ordinator’s presentations is available on the portal.

Tintern Grammar Foundation Service

Last Friday 3 February we held our Tintern Grammar Foundation Service to celebrate the rich history of Tintern which spans 140 years. All students from Year Prep to Year 12 attended and we were joined by a large number of parents, as well as members of the School Board and Life Governors.

Valentine’s Day Celebrations

Today Tuesday 14 February the Anderson Centre was transformed with decorations to signify the Valentines’ Day. Our School Leaders and their Year 12 peers use Valentine’s Day as a theme for raising money for the Heart Foundation through enjoyable activities such as love song dedications and serenading and baking treats.

School Photographs

Secondary School (Years 7 – 12) photographs are scheduled for this Thursday 16 February and all families and students are requested to be mindful of this in ensuring that full Summer Uniform including blazer is worn to school on the day. If the temperature on the day is forecast to be 30 or above, students are still asked to ensure they bring their blazer for their individual, Form and Group photos which will be taken on the day.

Year 12 Induction and 2016 Duces’ Assembly

The Year 12 Induction Assembly is scheduled for this Friday 17 February in our Secondary Principal’s Assembly, from 8.40 – 9.30am. At this Assembly, with its focus on Leadership, all Year 12 students are presented to the secondary school; in addition, the School Leaders, House Captains and Middle School Leaders and Middle School House Leaders will be presented with their badges. We will also have the opportunity to congratulate and hear from our 2016 School Duces.

Year 10 City Experience and the Years 11 and 12 Conferences

All Senior College families and students should have received all the necessary information on the Year 10 City Experience and the Years 11 and 12 Conferences which are all scheduled for next week from Monday 20 – Wednesday 22 February. I wish all students and staff attending these events an enjoyable time in terms of favourable weather conditions and the chance to participate in activities which are themed to the requirements of each year level

 House Athletics Sports

On Friday 24 February our House Athletics Sports are scheduled at the Bill Sewart reserve in East Burwood. Parents are welcome to attend. All secondary students are expected to attend and to contribute to their House by either participating in individual and group events or by providing support to others in the House or assisting with official duties. The House Athletics event is an especially enjoyable day thanks to the outstanding commitment of our House Captains support who expect and need the support of all our their House peers.

Council By-Laws relating to turns and “dropping off” students

Finally, a reminder to all parents/guardians of the need to obey traffic signs and by-laws in the streets outside the School. Of particular importance are the road signs that prohibit right-hand turns from Loma Street into the Bus Bay area and from Victoria Street into the ELC Car Park. In addition, I am aware that local Council By-Laws Officers swill be keeping a close eye on the cul de sac outside the Administration entrance where signs prohibit “dropping off”.




Term Dates