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I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all Senior College students, their families and the Senior College staff a restful and reinvigorating Easter and Term holiday break, after what has been an unusually brief, but typically very busy and successful 1st term. So much has been “packed in” to a short span of time – Year Level Conferences; the wonderful School Musical that so many of our Senior College students performed in, or assisted with; House Athletics; EISM weekly sport and the Swimming Carnival; special events, such as Valentines Day; and, of course, the academic work that has to be covered in Term 1. Whist students may need some time to complete set work over the upcoming holidays it is important to remember that holidays do provide an opportunity for students and staff to “recharge their batteries”, thereby enabling a fresh start for Term 2. We look forward to welcoming all students back on Tuesday 12 April.

Uniform Guidelines

It is has been very pleasing to see the vast improvement in uniform standards across the Senior College in Term 1 this year. As we approach the start of Term 2 and then the winter months, I take this opportunity to remind all Tintern Grammar students that they are expected to take pride in their personal appearance. When wearing the School uniform in public, it should adhere to the expected and approved standards, be worn appropriately and students should appear neat and tidy. Continued breaches of the School’s Uniform policy will result in detention. Following contact with parents/guardians, students may be sent home if their uniform or appearance is repeatedly deemed unsatisfactory.

All Students – General reminders

  • The School uniform should not be mixed with casual or other clothing
  • Apart from inter-school and recreational sports days or House Sports days, the School blazer is the outer garment to be worn to and from school. Failure to wear the School Blazer to/from school will result in a uniform detention
  • Only current badges issued by the school may be worn with the uniform
  • Students with pierced ears may wear only one small plain pair of metal studs or plastic plugs (one only in each lobe). Other than this, no visible jewellery may be worn by boys or girls
  • Visible piercings other than the above are not permitted while wearing the School uniform
  • Make-up, including mascara, is not to be worn
  • Coloured nail polish is not to be worn
  • Care with appearance is expected. The prescribed uniform should be well-presented. Well-pressed uniform, clean shoes and signs of obvious care are required
  • The prescribed School jumper may be worn, but never as the outer garment to and from school
  • Scarves, if worn in winter, must be plain navy blue. They may not be worn to any Assembly
  • ELC and Prep students are permitted to wear a plain white skivvy during colder months. Any other additional undergarments should not be visible
  • On rare occasions there may be a scheduled “free dress day” or an excursion where parents/guardians are advised that their son/daughter may wear casual clothes. On such days it is requested that parents pay particular attention to their child’s attire. Again the principle of taking pride in one’s appearance applies. Shorts/dresses or skirts that are too short or low slung are not acceptable and nor are any clothes that will expose a bare midriff or bare shoulders. Offensive t-shirts are not permissible. For safety, footwear must enclose the foot completely (i.e. no thongs, sandals or open-toed shoes)
  • If a student is deemed to be dressed inappropriately they may not stay at school or attend any excursion as applicable. Instead, the relevant Head of School will ring to arrange for a parent or guardian to collect them from school

Term 2 Uniform dates reminder:

  • In Term 2 until May 31 – either summer or winter uniform may be worn
  • From June 1 until August 31 inclusive – winter uniform must be worn

Girls Uniform – Winter

  • Blouse: all girls will wear the plain white, collared blouse with long sleeves
  • Winter skirt/pinafore: girls up to Year 5 will wear the winter pinafore. Girls in Year 6 may choose to wear the winter skirt if preferred. Girls in Year 7-12 will wear the winter skirt. The skirt or pinafore will touch the kneecap in a normal stance when a student looks down at their feet. Students will be given a reasonable opportunity to address this if their dress is of an inappropriate length. This will be followed up by Year Level Co-ordinators
  • Ties: Girls in Years 3 – 12 are to wear the relevant School tie (Year 3-11 tie or Year 12 tie). Ties must be worn with the top button done up and the tie worn against the button
  • NOTE: It is expected that the ties for girls will change for 2017
  • Tights/socks: girls in Prep – Year 6 may wear either long dark blue socks (worn up) or dark blue tights in winter. Girls in Years 7 – 12 will wear dark blue tights or full length dark blue hose with winter uniform. These may vary in weight and material in deference to the temperature but may not feature a pattern
  • Hair: for both health and safety and presentation, reasons, all girls whose hair touches their shoulders in normal posture will wear their hair tied back with a hair tie in one or more of the School colours (navy blue, maroon, green or white)
  • Extreme hairstyles and unnaturally coloured hair are not permitted

Boys – Winter Uniform

  • Shorts/trousers: boys in Prep – Year 6 may wear either shorts or long trousers with the winter uniform with the appropriate socks. Boys in Years 7 – 12 will wear the long dark blue uniform trousers with the winter uniform
  • Ties: Boys in Years 3 – 12 are to wear the relevant School tie (Years 3-11 school tie or Year 12 tie) with the winter uniform with the top button on their shirt done up and the tie worn against the button
  • Shirts: All Years 7 – 12 boys will wear the uniform white, long-sleeved winter shirt with mitre. Shirts must be worn tucked in (NB: this will not be enforced when students are engaged in physical activities at recess or lunch times). Please note this instruction was inadvertently omitted from Section Handbooks. Boys in Prep – Year 6 boys may continue to wear the uniform short-sleeved shirt or can choose the regulation long-sleeved shirt; a reminder that Prep – Year 6 must still wear ties as part of winter uniform
  • Hair: for both health and safety and presentation, reasons, all boys whose hair touches their shoulders in normal posture will wear their hair tied back with a hair tie in one or more of the School colours (navy blue, maroon, green or white)
  • Extreme hairstyles and unnaturally coloured hair are not permitted
  • Boys are required to be clean shaven

Sports Uniform reminders

  • Sport: on inter-school sports and recreational sports days only (i.e. not Physical Education), students are expected to wear full correct sports uniform to and from school. Only on such days may the Sports Rugby top be worn to and from school. On House Sports days students are expected to wear full correct sports uniform to and from school to which they may add appropriate articles in House colours upon arrival at school
  • Physical Education: students from Years 3 – 12 must change into their correct PE uniform at the start of practical PE classes and then change out of PE uniform for other classes. They are not allowed to stay in PE uniform throughout the day. The exception to this is when PE is timetabled for Period 1 or Period 4, when students may arrive at or leave school respectively, in PE uniform but must wear School uniform for the remainder of the day. When Junior School students have after-school sporting activities, they may travel home in sports uniform. Prep – Year 2 students are permitted to wear the correct PE uniform to school and remain in it all day when they have timetabled PE lessons
  • Students must wear plain, unbranded white sport socks with their uniform. Students may choose between wearing anklet sock or mid-calf length socks

School Shoes ELC to Year 12

  • All students (Years 3 – 12) must wear black lace-up school shoes or black t-bar shoes
  • Students in ELC may wear sports shoes with a non-marking sole. They should be a neutral colour (not black) and have velcro fastening
  • Students in Prep to Year 2 may wear black school shoes with Velcro fastening
  • Students in Year 2 may also wear black lace up shoes
  • Sports shoes must have non-marking soles

Sporting Achievement

It is always a pleasure to report on student achievements and I am delighted to provide an update on the sporting achievements of one of our Senior College students, who is one of our three Sports Captains. Maddie Wright of Year 12 continues to have great success with her cricket. She has been named as the Vice-Captain of the Under 21 Victorian Indoor Cricket Team. The U21s will play in the open nationals to be held in Melbourne from 4 – 11 June. In addition, Maddie is still trialling for the U18 Indoor team which will compete at the Junior Nationals being held during the July holidays and depending upon performance in the U21 team may be up for selection in the Australian U22 team for the Trans-Tasman Championships in September.

Maddie has recently been named by Cricket Victoria as the February nominee for the Commonwealth Bank Future Star Award. She is up against stiff competition for the award with the majority of other nominees already having Cricket Victoria contracts. We wish Maddie good luck with this award nomination and also ongoing success at the “selection table”.

G Connor




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