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In the past few weeks, each of the Senior College year levels has enjoyed their annual Conference. The Year 10 ‘City Experience’ has been reported on in the previous edition of Aspectus and this week our Year 10 Co-ordinator, Mrs Heather Ruckert, has provided information for Year 10 parents on other Year 10 events. In this edition of Aspectus we have reports from our Year 11 Co-ordinator, Mr Nick Stefanac, and our Year 12 Co-ordinator, Mrs Jennifer Tsai Bove, on their respective Conferences. I am delighted to report that all three Conferences were extremely successful and for the two year levels who were off-site we had wonderful feedback from management at both venues on their appreciation of the mature attitude and responsibility shown by Tintern Grammar students.

Many Senior College students are particularly busy at this time, not only with school work, but also preparing for performances of the School Musical, Oklahoma, which are scheduled for next week. I encourage all families to support the School Musical and to invite family and friends along as well. As always, the Tintern Grammar Musical will be of outstanding quality and will reflect the many hours of rehearsal that have occurred both last year and this year.

I take this opportunity to advise all Senior College parents/guardians that on Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 23 March our Term 1 Parent-Student-Teacher interviews are scheduled in the CM Wood Centre from 4- 8pm. Interim reports will be available online on the Portal from 10am on Thursday 17 March. From this time Parents/Guardians will be able to book teacher interviews via the Portal. An email will be sent to all Senior College Parents/Guardians next Tuesday 15 March to outline the process in more detail.

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