Senior College News

 Senior College News

The students seem to be making the adjustment back to school well but the staff are encouraging them take care and allow time to manage another change to their routines which can be quite tiring. The Year 12 examinations have continued to go smoothly with students appearing quite composed during this busy period. Thank you to the 2022 school leadership team for setting up Christmas trees and decorations in the Middle School and Senior College that provided a special feeling when students entered the school after such a long lockdown.


Individual Year 10 and 11 examination timetables will be sent to students and Year 10 in particular have been undertaking some pastoral sessions relating to study skills. The following Elevate Education webinars may be of interest to families:

Recorded Webinar – ‘Stress and Wellbeing’ 

There will be another webinar on Wednesday 10 November 10th that relates to Examination Preparation. This will be a live online event from 7.00pm to 8.00pm where the presenter will share Elevate Education’s key research and skills and a live Q&A. You can register by clicking here.

Our Year 12 Co-ordinator Mrs Jennifer Tsai Bove has emailed families about upcoming events and given the additional COVID requirements, each event will be sent as a separate EdSmart form. The Year 10 Social and Year 11 Formal EdSmart forms have also gone out to families and I know that students are really looking forward to these occasions.

I am currently meeting with students who would like to change their subjects for next year and this process needs to be all finalised by the end of this week or Friday 12 November so that individual transition timetables can be generated for the students. Changes can still occur during transition and up to the second week of Term 1 in 2022. Please note that Monday 29 November is a pupil free day, examination return occurs on Tuesday 30 November and transition classes extend from Wednesday 1 December to Friday 10 December which is the final day of school for the year.

Year 11 students undertaking a Unit 3 and 4 subject are encouraged to register for their results using the Results and ATAR Service at Using this service means that the students can access their results from 7.00am on Thursday 16 December. They will need their VCAA number that has been emailed to them by Julie Ennor.

I would also like to make reference to a couple of items from the latest editions of Career News. High achieving Year 12 students in 2022, may consider applying for an extension study at one of the universities. Results from these studies contributes as a 10 percent increment when calculating the ATAR. Also, the publication Australian Jobs from the National Skills Commission website has some interesting insights into labour market trends. The publication can be accessed from the National Skills Commission website.


Upcoming Key Dates for the Senior College

Year 10 Social – Friday 26 November

Year 10 and 11 Study Day – Monday 22 November

Year 10 and 11 Examinations Tuesday 23 to Friday 26 November

Student Free Day – Monday 29 November

Year 11 Formal – Monday 29 November

Year 10 and 11 Examination Return of Papers – Tuesday 30 November

Senior College 2022 Transition Program – Wednesday 1 December to Friday 10 December

Year 12 Celebration Evening Screening at the Coburg Drive-In – Thursday 9 December

IB Lunch – Thursday 11 November

Year 12 Celebration Day – Thursday 18 November

Year 12 Formal – Monday 13 December

Valedictory Dinner – Wednesday 9 February 2022




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