Senior College News

Senior College News

It was wonderful to welcome Years 10 and 11 students back to campus on Friday 22 October and it actually felt like that they had never left which I believe is a positive sign and indicative of their adaptability. The warm weather certainly helped our adjustment to doors and windows open with the students enjoying the sunshine outside during breaks from classes. We also reminded students about correct mask wearing as this maximises protection for all our health during this current phase of opening up from lockdown. Year 10 students will be back on campus from Thursday 28 October and please note that students are not required at school on Monday 1 and 2 November due to the long weekend for Melbourne Cup Day.


Back on Campus….


Year 11 students are now back on campus full time and note that students undertaking a Unit 3 and 4 subject have the day before their examination as a study day and they are also not required to attend classes on the day of their examination. Mr Andrew Cho will be going over examination rules and protocols with the students on Monday 25 October so I would encourage a conversation at home about these requirements as we did need to remove a number of mobile phones before the GAT. Year 12 IB examinations commence on Tuesday 26 October and VCE written examinations on Wednesday 27 October.


Co-curricular Leadership Positions

Years 10 and 11 students are currently having level assemblies to outline the range and application process for co-curricular leadership positions for 2022. These activities provide a wide range of opportunities for students to develop and demonstrate leadership skills so I encourage students to submit an application.


Advice and Tips for Year 12s (relevant for other year levels) Preparing for Examinations

Our best wishes to all the Year 12’s as they enter the final phase of their examination preparation. I have included 3 links provided by our Alumni and sent to the students with advice and tips based on their experiences which are also informative for families as they support their child during this period.

Three Weeks Before the Exam 3 weeks before Exams

Two Weeks Before the Exam 2 weeks before Exams  

One Week Before the Exam 1 week before Exams


Financial Information for Year 12s

I have included a link and information included in the latest edition of Career News for Year 12 families as students prepare to leave school.

Study Assist at for information for students about government assistance for financing tertiary study.

Low Income Health Care Card at and this provides a range of concessions for health care items and other goods and services. Eligibility is based on the student’s income over the previous 8 weeks. All graduating Year 12 students may consider applying for this card once examinations are over.


Upcoming Key Dates for the Senior College

Year 10 Social – Friday 19 November

Year 10 and 11 Study Day – Monday 22 November

Year 10 and 11 Examinations Tuesday 23 to Friday 26 November

Year 11 Formal – Monday 29 November

Year 12 Celebration Evening Screening at the Coburg Drive-In – Thursday 9 December

IB Lunch – Thursday 11 November

Year 12 Celebration Day – Thursday 18 November

Year 12 Formal – Monday 13 December

Valedictory Dinner – Wednesday 9 February 2022




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