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Term 4

As we enter the final period of time at school for our Year 12 students, I would like to express my gratitude to our staff, families and students as we have navigated the multitude of changes that have affected our lives. It is an emotional time and especially for families with their youngest child leaving Tintern Grammar. As a parent, such transition times often arrive and disappear without fully feeling prepared and being ready for that next step but I feel that our Year 12s are ready and excited for that next phase. I do keep reminding them that they will always be alumni of Tintern and the importance of remaining connected with the school.


Year 10 News

Year 10s are persevering with remote learning and we look forward to welcoming them back on campus as they return for 2 days per week from Thursday 28 and Friday 29 October. This year we have modified our Future Ready Program, with presentations from Ms Jasmine Mishra from the Outer Eastern Local Learning Employment Network relating to resume writing and also from Ms Sue-Anne Dias our Human Resource Manager sharing her experiences regarding job interviews. All Year 10 students have the opportunity to complete a mock job interview on Wednesday 13 October between 2.00pm and 3.15pm with some time to update their resume and participate in some physical activity. The students have also participated in a virtual seminar with Elevate Education called ‘Ace Your Exams’ in order to help their preparation for the end of semester examinations.


Year 11 Students

Year 11 students coming on campus for Unit 3 and 4 classes have been conducting themselves particularly well and managing accessing the on-campus classes and remote learning so I appreciate the support of families as I realise that this situation does involve some family transport logistics.

Further details will be provided about the end of semester examinations and transition program for Year 10 and 11 students.


Year 12 Student Achievements

Yesterday we acknowledged Year 12 subject and special awards during our filming for Celebration Evening. Winners of any Unit 3 and 4 subject awards by Year 11 students will be announced at a Senior College assembly once the students are back on campus. I would also like to acknowledge two significant achievements from our departing Year 12 students.


 Alec Chen

Alec received an Honourable Mention in the Lord Toulson Essay Prize in Law from Jesus College which is part of Cambridge University. I commend Alec’s initiative to submit this 1500-word essay in addition to his usual academic studies.


 Victoria McKenzie

Victoria has successfully been awarded her Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. She has shown commitment as a Girl Guide Leader, developed her calligraphy skills and her adventurous journey included touring law courts in rural areas so considerable diversity. Victoria has also recently been awarded the DAV Debating ‘Swannie’ Award and the Science Talent Search Bursary Award.

I offer my congratulations to both students.


Upcoming Key Dates for the Senior College

Year 11 Formal – Monday 25 October but in the process of being rescheduled to a later date.

Year 10 and 11 Study Day – Monday 22 November

Year 10 and 11 Examinations Tuesday 23 to Friday 26 November

Year 12 Celebration Evening Screening at the Coburg Drive-In – Thursday 9 December

IB Lunch – Thursday 11 November

Year 12 Celebration Day – Thursday 18 November

Year 12 Formal – Monday 13 December

Valedictory Dinner – Wednesday 9 February 2022




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