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Despite the torrential rain during the House Athletics, the students enjoyed the opportunity to participate and for the Year 12s, the day represented an opportunity to dress up and celebrate. I acknowledge the commitment of students representing the school in the Division 3 EISM Athletics competition to be held on Wednesday 27 April. A number of senior students are also involved in upcoming basketball and volleyball competitions. A new initiative from our senior students has been the introduction of the chess club and this has been particularly popular with students across the school on a Friday lunch time.

Thank you to families for your support of the Student Progress Meetings at the end of last term and from the school’s perspective it was so valuable to have the majority of students in attendance at either the online or face-to-face discussions.

Thank you to Laura Mitcham, Oliver Huang, Charlie Carboon and Mitchell Snowball along with their parents and Mr Kenny for joining me as we represented Tintern Grammar at the Ringwood ANZAC Day service on Sunday 25 April. Laura and Oliver laid our wreath under the Ringwood Clocktower and all present paid our respects to members of the Defence Forces. The combination of hearing the Last Post and the flurry of early morning bird song left me feeling reflective for the past but hopeful for the future.

Body Safety Australia Parent/Guardian Seminar

The parent/guardian seminar was well attended on Tuesday 20 April as part of our ongoing Respectful Relationships pastoral focus across the school. A summary of the evening will be sent to parents across the school. The content related to:

  • Informed Consent
  • Setting and Respecting Boundaries
  • Empowering Bystanders
  • Legal Rights and Responsibilities

Pastoral News from Year 10

The Wilsons Promontory camp went well and I enjoyed my time with the students. It was wonderful to see them embrace the activities and help each other even when they may be feeling initially hesitant. My thanks to Emma Lowing, Adam Klan, Marlee Batterham and the Year 10 pastoral team for being so willing to explore this option for our students.

Year 10 students participated in the Body Safety Australia workshops on Wednesday 21 April and informal feedback from the students indicated that it was well received from each group. A review and reflection session will be held on Thursday 29 April during pastoral time. Students studying Geography this semester completed their fieldwork camp to Phillip Island on Thursday 22 and Friday 23 April so when combined with the Athletics Sports it certainly has been a busy first week.

On Thursday 29 April, the students will be undertaking the Morrisby careers testing from 8.30am to 11.00am. A report will be released to students following the testing with an online feedback session hosted by a representative from Careers Analysts. This evening assists families and their child to interpret the results and it is a particularly important part of the process. Morrisby online is a tool that we shall be using during pastoral sessions to explore different career options and it is the interactive and exploratory aspect of the product that is most useful for students. Year 10 subject choice interviews will also commence this term in preparation for subject selection early in Term 3. Each student will have a time to discuss both the Morrisby report and their program for their final years. Further details will be provided about the Subject Showcase Evening later in the term.


Pastoral News from Year 11

During Semester 1, Year 11 students could volunteer to be part of the ‘Big Brother – Big Sister’ program.  The students received introductory training from Mr Kenny and mentor a group of Year 7 students.  The aim of this program is to create a bond between the Year 11s and Year 7s with a different focus each session.

The Year 11 Conference will take place on Tuesday 4 to Thursday 6 May at The Island Accommodation on Phillip Island.  During the conference, the students will be participating in surfing, indoor rock climbing and pastoral sessions including a guest speaker.  A visit to Phillip Island would not be complete without a visit to the Penguin Parade.


Pastoral News from Year 12

By nature, the Year 12 pastoral program combines VCE and IB administrative requirements, final year rites of passage, preparation for key events, a career development focus and personal development activities. The students have reflected upon their expectations and goals for the year while enjoying the traditional pastoral room decoration competition with the winning House to be announced shortly. The students also completed the Resilience Project Survey that will be used by Ms Tsai Bove to guide the focus for future pastoral sessions. Given the need to cancel the Conference, the key activities have been divided between the Year 12 Activities Day on Wednesday 5 May and Hump Day on Friday 28 May. From a Careers perspective, the students have been given an overview of the year in terms of individual interviews, the tertiary application process and key reminders including the need to organise a tax file number if intending to study next year. The weblink is

While it is wonderful for students to return to the full range of school activities including excursions and other co-curricular opportunities, they do benefit and need family support in terms of scheduling and managing their various commitments. Students have my admiration for their general willingness to be involved within and beyond school. Finally, it is occasions such as the upcoming Cathedral Service on Friday 30 April that are so important to maintain cohesion and feelings of belonging as a student community as we come together in this compulsory school event. Thank you to families who have responded to the EdSmart form and a reminder was sent last Friday for the remaining permission replies.




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