Senior College News

Senior College News

The dedication and hard work of our senior students were clearly evident in their support of younger students during rehearsals of the school musical ‘Spamalot’. Along with the audience, I certainly enjoyed sharing the humour and wonderful performances over the weekend. Congratulations to all students involved as this is a community effort with student participation in all facets of the production including the performers, hard-working staff and all the back-stage crew that includes costumes and makeup.

Tuesday 9 March – Senior School Assembly in CM Wood.

Our guest speaker Abbey Heymanson shared her amazing story with insights from her mother at a Senior College assembly. Abbey at 19 years was diagnosed with Hodgkinson Lymphoma on May 5, 2020.  She has undergone 6 months of intense treatment, lost her hair and persevered through the lockdown period. Abbey conveyed her strength and positive outlook on life and her future plans to a hushed student audience. Her story provided a pertinent link between International Women’s Day and the World’s Greatest Shave here at Tintern. 

Notices in Advance

Reminder Student Progress Meetings

There are face to face Student Progress Meetings on Tuesday 30 March from 4.00pm to 8.00pm and staff have reported the great advantage of having the students present for these discussions.

Year 10 Camp to Wilson’s Promontory

We are all hoping for clear and settled Autumn weather conditions for our Year 10 students as they depart on Monday 29 March until Wednesday 31 March.

Inter-House Athletics Carnival

The inter-house Athletics Carnival will take place on the first day of Term 2 – Tuesday 20 April at the Bill Stewart Reserve in East Burwood.

Body Safety Australia Parent/Guardian Seminar and Year 10 Workshop

As part of our ongoing Respectful Relationships pastoral focus, families across the secondary school have been invited to a parent/guardian seminar on Tuesday 20 April in the CM Wood Centre from 7.00pm to 9.00pm. Deanna Carson (Tintern alumni) from Body Safety Australia will be covering the following content in the seminar titled “Naked Truths”:

  • Informed Consent
  • Setting and Respecting Boundaries
  • Empowering Bystanders
  • Legal Rights and Responsibilities

Deanna has recommended that this parent session be conducted on campus and the link to their website is

Our Year 10s have missed their usual Year 9 seminar program due to the COVID lockdowns last year. Therefore, we are working with facilitators from Body Safety Australia to run a workshop style format with the Year 10 students on Wednesday 21 April from 8.45am to 10.45am. The content will be similar to the parent/guardian evening and titled “Naked Truths: Online Respectful Relationships and Consent”. Given the sensitivity of the themes covered in the workshops staff from Counselling will be available in addition to the teaching and pastoral staff to support students during and following the session if the need arises. The workshop will be discussed with Year 10 students later this week.

Ballroom Dancing Success for Aaron Shen

Aaron is in Year 10 and over the weekend he competed in Adelaide as part of the Spectacular Ballroom Dancing Championships. Competitors travelled from across the country and Aaron with his partner was awarded first place in the Junior Open Latin American division. Our congratulations on this wonderful achievement and Aaron has our best wishes for the upcoming national competition.




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