Senior College News

Senior College News

Congratulations to all Senior College House Captains for their leadership during the recent House Swimming Carnival. It is logistically challenging to organise the swimmers and the House Captains did a superb job creating such a wonderful House spirit throughout the day. As a school, we are grateful for the ongoing support of our alumni who attended during the pastoral session on the day and shared their experiences from school and during their working careers.


Senior students are involved in all aspects of the musical ‘Spamalot’ and they are approaching the particularly busy lead up to the performances.

On Friday 5 March, the Senior College “Flipped the Switch” by reducing non essential lighting but without impacting on the learning environment for students so our thanks to members of the Green Team for this initiative.


Reminder Student Progress Meetings

  • Monday 15 March Online Teams Meetings from 12.00noon to 8.00pm

Bookings open on Thursday 11 March.

  • Tuesday 30 March Face to Face Meetings from 4:00pm to 8.00pm

Parents or guardians of Year 10 students are encouraged, if possible, to book times on Monday 15 March.

Further information will be sent to families from Mrs Alison Bezaire and the IT team.

Year 10 Monash University Scholars Program

Tintern Grammar is part of the Monash University Scholars Program where Year 10 students can self-nominate to our Year 10 Co-ordinator Marlee Batterham outlining how they meet the published criteria. Our nominations will then be selected and students apply directly to the Monash University between Tuesday 20 April and Monday 10 May. Further information is available from the Monash Scholars website.

Tertiary Education Trends from Swinburne and Deakin Universities

Following my recent attendance at seminars from Swinburne and Deakin University, I wish to share some of the key trends outlined by these tertiary institutions with our families.

The concept of students as ‘human capital’ for the future was a consistent theme with the goals of education providing opportunities for lateral thinking, enterprising and innovation to list a few of the future orientated attributes that combine to assist employability. The model of ‘learning by doing and mastery by practise’ is an aim for all courses at Swinburne University combined with embracing and reflecting about the role of technology to create a better world for all. Increasing interest has been recorded into medical science, health and education courses last year.

Deakin University has released a new strategic plan titled ‘Ideas to Impact’ with new and revised courses, a continuation of research goals and supporting students to be active contributors in our society. For example, being involved in the new ‘Future Economy Precinct’ at Waurn Ponds or part of the hydrogen based energy research at the Warnambool campus. The university is also exploring virtual placements and this is a new trial area for us at school with our Year 10 students during June of this year.

It is likely that the role of blended learning will become a feature of tertiary studies. When speaking to our past students, there is the trend of viewing lectures on line with attendance on campus for practical classes or tutorials. Meeting expectations and preparedness of students are the key indicators for success in a blended learning environment. Universities are reimagining buildings and work integrated learning that will be embedded in all undergraduate degree courses at Swinburne and the fastest growing cohort continues to be online for Deakin University.

A number of our students took advantage of Swinburne’s early entry program last year and this will continue in 2021 but with yet to be announced variations so I will keep our Year 12 students updated once the details have been communicated to schools. As a dual sector TAFE and University, Swinburne has a number of pathways for students to consider as they transition from school.




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