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Senior College News

There was a sense of relief from both staff and students that the lockdown and return to remote learning was not extended for schools. I wish to emphasise the importance that when a student is tested for COVID-19 that this is reported to the relevant Level Co-ordinator and that they do not return to school until a negative result is received and communicated to the school. We are required to keep detailed records and your support is appreciated for the safety of us all. Copies of presentations from the Senior College Level Co-ordinators are stored on the respective Portal pages for your reference.

Paul Jarman 

Despite the decision to delay the House Swimming Sports to an anticipated Tuesday 2 March, Paul Jarman was able to interact with students to gain their insights into the composition of a new school anthem that will be an addition to our current girls and boys school songs. You can read more about his visit here. 

Lunar New Year

On Friday 12 February we celebrated the beginning of the Lunar New Year, below is an image from our recent celebrations.

Parent Representatives

Families are invited to consider being a Parent Representative for either a class or year level in the Senior College. They are a significant liaison between parents/guardians and the school. In the past they have promoted activities, community group events or class/level specific meetings at local cafes and ideally this role is shared between families. If you would like to volunteer to be your year level’s Parent Representative or would like further information, please make contact with Community Relations via email at or by phone 03 9845 7877.

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg  ‘Surviving Year 12’

Investigations are continuing regarding alternatives for the cancelled Years 10 to 12 camp/conference programs. The online presentation from Dr Michael Carr-Gregg relating to ‘Surviving Year 12’ was well attended by families and students. I have summarised some key points that are relevant to all families in the Senior College:

Key Messages

1. Keep Year 12 in context as an important but just another stage in life.

2. The ATAR is not a good predictor of life success but rather a ranking for competitive tertiary entry.

3. Life Advice – “If you can’t change it, change the way you think about the situation”.

4. He differentiated between ‘active coping’ strategies such as gaining help from teachers or speaking with parents etc versus ‘passive coping’ strategies that may include avoidance in the hope that the situation goes away.

5. The merits of creating a list of perceived demands and resources that may also consist of a nutritious diet, exercise and sleep routines.

6. The positive aspects of stress were highlighted working in the ‘optimum zone’ to maximise performance.

7. The detrimental impacts of alcohol and drugs on working memory

Practical Implementation Tips

1. The ’20-minute study rule’ with 5 minute breaks to gain the maximum learning outcomes.

2. The ‘production effect’ which involves talking about what has been learnt without notes to reinforce understanding. Parents can listen and include questions to clarify or pets can provide an audience…

3. Regular breaks to play sport or listen to music help create a balanced lifestyle.

4. Studying at the same time and place can help create a routine.

5. Sleep was mentioned as being the most effective study tool (regular sleep preparation included dimming lights 30 minutes before going to sleep, making sure the room is a comfortable temperature and quiet, avoid caffeine after 1.00pm)

6. In terms of mental wellbeing to seek early intervention, with prompt treatment for the best outcomes.

7. Aim for 1 hour of exercise per day.

8. Consider forming study groups to revise class work.

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg also referred to the Beyond Blue Anxiety and Depression checklist freely available on line and also the Parent and Student Fact Sheets relating to ‘Surviving Year 12’ on the Beyond Blue website.





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