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Welcome to new families in the Senior College and it certainly has been a busy first week with school photographs and the Foundation Service on Friday 5 February which is one of the significant traditions for the school. Aspectus provides an opportunity to convey upcoming events, pastoral program updates, recognition of student achievements and other items of interest for families. I will be cross referencing Careers information as it is valuable for families to become aware about the career development support throughout the Senior College.

Our first Senior College assembly was an occasion to meet together to present not only the expectations for the year but to explore the culture that is part of the Senior College. For new students, I outlined the role of the Pastoral Mentor and the concept of working alongside students, the importance of staying true to the Tintern Compass values and the integration of the Resilience Project. I used this short You Tube video to recognise that while last year had unique challenges, we learnt to strive together and it highlighted the importance of building a support team and maintaining balance between academic studies work and leisure activities.

The students adapted quickly to wearing masks again at school. Thank you to families for the reminders about wearing masks on public transport as they were very well prepared to respond to the sudden announcement from the Victorian Premier. Tintern Grammar has been approved to display the Public Transport Victoria (PTV) logo on our Student ID Cards. This means that students do not need to obtain a PTV School Student ID or demonstrate their eligibility for concession fares. Further information about student travel passes can be found here.  (Please select How do I get a Student Pass?)

The Head of English Mrs Chris Millgate-Smith provided some most useful tips for her senior English students that I will share with all families.

  1. “Talk to them”. Read, watch, listen and discuss the news or current affairs and seek their opinions and share your views to develop different perspectives that can deepen analytical writing.
  2. A similar message with text or film studies as some of the themes are complex. My efforts to read texts was acknowledged at home and allowing students to explain themes or examples from a text consolidates their learning or raises issues to discuss together. They become the expert in this exchange of ideas.
  3. Become familiar with the course outline and semester planner on the Portal that includes study resources, assessment and homework dates. Scheduling is a skill that students often find difficult so it is an area that families can provide assistance.

Year 12 2020 Valedictory Dinner

We were so fortunate to celebrate the Valedictory Dinner together as a Tintern community for the 2020 Year 12 cohort. It was a wonderful opportunity to speak with families and hear the news from our students. For the staff there was such pride in these young women and men. Interestingly, the Manager made comment that the function felt like a cherished family reunion and we thank Leonda By The Yarra for their flexibility and assistance.


Upcoming Senior College Events

  • Senior College Information Evening

Wednesday 10 February at 7.00pm

The format this year is different in accordance with COVID safe guidelines with each year level using separate spaces in the CM Wood Centre before joining the The Principal – Mr Brad Fry for welcome drinks in the Community Hub space.

  • Senior College Camps and Conferences

Monday 15 February to Wednesday 17 February

Specific details will be provided by Year Level Co-ordinators and please note that Year 12 students remain at school on Wednesday 17 February until the evening session at 7.00pm in the CM Wood Centre with Dr Michael Carr-Gregg where they are joined by families/guardians.

  • House Swimming Sports

Friday 19 February

The girls event will be held in the morning and the boys will be swimming in the afternoon. Students have been involved in developing the program for the non swimming period. We are thrilled to welcome Mr Paul Jarmin on site who is commissioned to write a new school anthem. Paul will also be leading a session to gain student input from both the girls and boys in the Senior College. Experiences with COVID-19 have highlighted the immense value of these whole school events and the staff appreciate assistance if a student is unable to swim on the day.

Career Development

Each week I will email Career News to the students and save the file on the Careers page of the Portal with an index. Career News includes information about courses in the higher education and TAFE sector, general careers material such as obtaining a Tax File Number, industry-based events and at the end of each edition a summary of courses, for example, Cybersecurity Courses offered in Victoria in 2021.

In my dual role managing the Careers Department at Tintern Grammar, I receive considerable information that is relevant to students and families. A reality in Careers is exploring different ways to present this information to students that meets both their immediate needs but also broadens their perspectives to new opportunities. This podcast was sent to me about the journey of becoming a lawyer and insights into the legal industry but I did note that there were other titles which may be useful to start a conversation with your son or daughter. Access at–The-journey-of-becoming-a-lawyer-and-understanding-the-legal-industry-with-Luci-Kjar-Cruttenden—Solicitor-eni9pk 

The students returned with their usual energy but adjusting back to school is tiring. It is not uncommon for them to feel weary and at times overwhelmed with this change to their routine. Please encourage contact with their subject teachers, Pastoral Mentor, Level Co-ordinators etc if they need assistance as we are all available to provide support.




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