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It has been a wonderful commencement to Term 4 as we now have all students of our Senior College students back on site. With the increasingly warmer and sunnier weather and with some life back in the school it has certainly lifted everyone’s spirits after so much time apart. With the GAT completed and final Year 12 internal assessments done, our Year 12s are focused on their period of Swot Vac and the commencement of their final exams. Our Year 10 and 11 students continue adjust to being back at school and it is important that they continue to actively engage with their learning as the learning which occurs now will be key to finishing the year off in a good place and will enable a smooth start of the year in 2021.

As we come to the end of the schooling journey for our Year 12 IB and VCE students we have had a number of occasions this past week to acknowledge their achievements, reflect on their secondary schooling journey and celebrate together as the Class of 2020. Whilst we have been unable to conduct these activities as we might have in previous years, we have maintained a commitment to ensuring students can participate in alternative celebrations and that we recognise and create meaningful, alternative significant events. Such events have included our online Boys’ Prep-12 Assemblies and Girls’ Prep-12 Assemblies that can now be viewed via these links (Boys Assembly, Girls Assembly) and the Year 12 Valedictory Service that has become an annual tradition as the final farewell to our Year 12 cohort. The Celebration Day was a wonderful occasion for students to come together and have fun as they dressed up, enjoyed a picnic breakfast and participated in a silent disco – there was lots of positive energy and emotion throughout the morning.




Celebration Evening 2020

In preparation for our Year 12 Celebration Evening screening on 5 December, we have now recorded the various components of the evening, including the presentation of each member of our graduating class and announcement and presentation of subject and major prize awards. It was a memorable occasion to acknowledge our Class of 2020 as they dressed formally for the occasion in their gowns and graduation hats. Towards the end of Term 4 we will acknowledge the achievements of our Year 7-11 students at a school assembly.


We wish our Year 12s every success in their upcoming exams and acknowledge the hard work, dedication and commitment they have put in this year. It has been a year like no other and they have endured some significant challenges in an already challenging situation. I am enormously proud of their continued positive attitude and leadership of our school community through this time. I would also like to thank families Through the challenging times for our students parents, guardians and siblings have provided so much support to Year 12 students as they have completed their final stage of learning. You have been there to provide food, unconditional support, and emotional energy and helped them to focus on the positives when it might’ve seemed like there really weren’t any. You have also needed to step at times and trust your increasingly independent children to enable them to make their own decisions and their own study plans. On behalf of our Class of 2020, thank you.

We wish all our Year 12 students all the best for the written VCE and IB examination period that commenced this week and we will look forward to seeing many of our Year 12 students and their families on Saturday 5 December at our Celebration Evening screening at the Coburg Drive-In.

Year 10 and 11 Class Photos

This coming Thursday 29 October we are scheduled to take our class group photos for 2020. Students will be required to wear their summer uniform, including their blazer, for this occasion.


Now that hairdressers have opened back up I wanted to remind families of our expectations regarding hair and hair styles. I ask for your support to ensure your daughter/son adheres to these expectations.

  • Any student whose hair falls below the bottom edge of their collar will wear their hair tied back with a hair tie in one or more of the School colours (navy blue, maroon, green or white).
  • Extreme hairstyles and unevenly or unnaturally coloured hair are not permitted.



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