Year 10 Road Smart Program

The Year 10 Road Smart Program

On Wednesday 26th of August, the Year 10 cohort participated in an online Road Smart program. This essential and free program is fully funded by the Victorian government and facilitates small online classrooms to teach young people how to become safe and independent drivers on the road. As many of our Year 10s will soon be behind the wheel as beginner drivers, if not already, Road Smart aims to build upon the existing road knowledge and skills of the students.

The virtual classrooms were delivered by experienced and engaging facilitators, and the participation of our Year 10 students was excellent, many of whom gave thoughtful answers to questions asked throughout the session. A key aspect of the lesson was on the responsibilities of the driver, it is so important for young people to understand how each decision they make whilst driving can affect not only their own safety but the safety of others.

As young people continue to be over-represented in road crashes, the Road Smart program on Wednesday offered the students an opportunity to learn road safety messages and it gave them tools to be safe on the road. The lessons were practical and interactive, and the feedback from students was very positive, with many of saying they found it worthwhile, and averaged a 4/5 for the presentation.

The students will be able to hit the road to learn more about safe driving with a free in car driving lesson with a professional driving instructor. More information will come on this as the lessons will only become available later in the year after the easing of restrictions due to COVID 19.





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