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As we pass the half way mark of Term 3 and have completed two weeks of school in Stage 4 restrictions it rightly feels a bit like this year has been absolutely turned on its head. The environment we have rapidly been plunged into has had a profound impact on all of us. One impact that is being felt at school is the effect on our landmark activities, the traditions and events looked forward to by students each year that we are no longer able to participate in as a school community. There has no doubt been disappointment as events looked forward to have come and gone, been rescheduled, only to be move again but rather than look to what we have lost, I have been inspired by what we have gained; the resilience, creativity, collaboration and positivity that has our students and staff continue to model each day. Activities previously occurring on site have been replaced by innovative, virtual celebrations, performances, competitions and collaborations. The flexibility, adaptability, agility and positive mindsets shown by all in the community have allowed us to achieve in ways that we couldn’t have predicted prior to this unexpected pandemic.

The likes of our online assemblies, musical performances, collaborative community videos, House competitions and Green Team challenges continue to keep our community connected despite us all now working and learning off-campus. Whilst we all look forward to an eventual return to school as soon as possible, we continue our commitment to provide as many opportunities for students to engage with our events and the rites of passage, particularly for our Year 12s in their final year of secondary schooling. For our Year 11s we begin to look forward to their final year of schooling and our 2021 Leadership process is well underway with students preparing applications this week.

On 26 August and 2 September we will be conducting Semester 2 Student Progress Meetings. Alison Bezaire, our Director of Studies, has sent information to families regarding the format of these meetings, along with information regarding access to Interim Reports and booking interviews. I hope many families will take up the opportunity to meet with teachers to discuss their child’s progress in their subjects. A reminder that we strongly encourage students to attend these meetings also.





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