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Senior College News

It’s hard to believe Term 2 is coming to an end. While in some ways it feels like the term has just started, with students being back on-site for 3 weeks now, the Term 2 “holidays” are a very distant memory. As we reflect on Term 2 I think we can look back on this term and celebrate the resilience and strength of our community. School has returned a bit differently to what we’re used to but the energy of our students and staff, their passion and enthusiasm, are stronger than ever! We have adapted and grown together and when we look back on Semester 1 of 2020 I think that, while it has presented difficulties and challenges, I hope it will be remembered for all the positives that have come out of this time; the growth in independence of our students, the resourcefulness of staff and students and the shared determination to overcome challenges together.

Last week we held our ‘Guiding Your Future: Subjects, Qualifications and Career Exploration’ evening as an online Microsoft Teams event. Attendees heard from our Director of Studies, Alison Bezaire, Careers Consultant and Year 12 Co-ordinator, Heather Ruckert and our VCE/VET Co-ordinator, Andrew Cho to prepare Year 9 and 10 students for the upcoming subject selection process. Parents and students unable to attend the evening can access their presentations on the my Tintern Portal via this LINK , our ‘Subject Showcase’ is the next information evening, designed to give parents and students an opportunity to hear from Head of Department and subject teachers about the VCE and VET subjects on offer and will be held on Thursday 23 July – further information will be sent out regarding the format of this evening in week 1 of Term 3.

As we see restrictions continue to ease we must all continue to play our part in supporting measures that are still in place. I have been impressed by the response of our students to changed processes at school and am particularly grateful to our Year 10 students who happily relocated their lockers to the Visual Arts building for the last 4 weeks of term to lower the population density of Senior College. I am hopeful that Term 3 will allow us to re-instate a number of activities and events that students enjoy and gain fulfilment from that have not been possible in their full capacity this term. I would love to see our students back together for interschool sport, music rehearsals and performances, assemblies and House events when the time comes. We have a number of events Senior College students in particular are looking forward to in Term 3 including the Year 11 and 12 Formals and the Presentation Ball. We are watching closely to consider the implications of government restrictions on the format and timing of these events and will communicate any adjustments to these events as soon as possible.

Over the coming 3-week break I hope you get an opportunity as a family to relax, recharge and spend some time together. While our most senior students will likely spend some time consolidating their knowledge and preparing their notes and summaries, it is important to take some time away from study – it has been a long and exhausting term and students are deserving (and need) a break. I look forward to welcoming students back to school on Monday 13 July.





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