Seeking family Homestays for our International students

A homestay is a private home accepting overseas students to live as a part of the family.  At Tintern Grammar we are fortunate to have our wonderful international students and are always seeking welcoming family homes.  Being a homestay host provides great insights into other cultures and is a rewarding cultural exchange experience for the whole family.  Life-long friendships are often established through opening your home and heart to an international student.

Students’ families choose to pay for homestay accommodation during their study because it offers their child the opportunity to be part of a good family environment, to improve upon English and to be kept safe and cared for. Payment varies slightly but it is usually around $300 per week.

At Tintern Grammar we use an outside agency to coordinate our Homestay program but we would love to have Tintern families host a student to make them feel even more part of our community. For Tintern students who are studying Chinese as a Language there would be an added benefit of consolidating their learning by practising conversations with an International Student.

If you are interested in becoming a Homestay host please contact by email our Director of Marketing and Admissions she will in turn put you in contact with our Homestay agency. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

by Marion Cape, Director of Admissions and Marketing



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