Secondary School Interim Reports and Parent-Teacher-Student Interviews

On Thursday 18 August at 3pm, our Secondary Interim Reports are open to parents in the Parent Centre of MyTintern. Parent-Teacher-Student Interviews will be held in the CM Wood Centre on:

  • Tuesday August 23, 4-8pm
  • Wednesday August 24, 4-8pm

Then the following week on:

  • Wednesday August 31, 4-8pm

Interim Reports

The Interim Reports indicate to parents and students progress so far in each subject prior to Parent-Teacher-Student Interviews. The achievement levels indicated by teachers as much as possible reflect a student’s performance in assessment tasks so far this semester.

The Interim Reports will award levels of achievement against a set of Behavioural Indicators in:

  • Academic Performance
  • Preparation for Learning – Student organisation, homework completion and bringing correct materials to class
  • Participation in Learning – Student engagement in learning activities in class
  • Attitude towards Learning – Student’s mindset and approach to learning in general

Each student will receive a rating from Very High, High, Satisfactory, Low or Very Low for each of these by matching the student’s achievement with a matrix of descriptors for each Behavioural Indicator.

A copy of the criteria can be found on the MyTintern Portal by clicking on Absences, Finances, Reports – Results Tab.

As students complete more learning and assessment tasks over the course of the semester a clearer picture of the student’s progress will appear and this will be reflected in the end of semester reports.

Parent-Teacher-Student Interviews – Semester 2

This semester we are trialling holding Middle School and Senior College evenings over the same 3 evenings rather than over separate evenings to try to consolidate evenings out for parents and staff.

We are also inviting all secondary students to attend these meetings with their parents to further involve them in the opportunities of reflection, feedback and goal setting that these meetings provide.

Teachers are instructed to indicate in these reports that an interview is required, if a student’s progress is awarded ‘Low’ or ‘Very Low’ but of course they may also request interviews with other students as well.

If a teacher does not request an interview, then that field in the Parent Portal will remain blank. Parents may request interviews with any of their child’s subject or pastoral teachers regardless of whether a request is made by the teacher and are encouraged to do so.

The bookings for these interviews will open in the portal on Thursday 18 August at 3pm.

Bookings for each evening will close at 9am of that day and instructions for accessing the booking portal and making bookings is attached to this email.

Our Interim Reporting Process and Parent-Teacher-Student interviews are a valuable opportunity for you to meet your children’s teachers and discuss their progress. We trust the process is a straightforward one that helps strengthen the communication networks that support every student’s learning.

J McManus






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