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The Last 5 weeks of the school year

With the sun starting to shine it has been great to see our students able to be out and about at lunchtime and recess utilising our beautiful school ovals and grassed areas after a very long period of wet weather and very damp grounds. We have just come off our mid-term break with the Melbourne Cup Day long weekend and now move into our last 5 weeks of school for this year.

Our Year 12s are slowly but surely finishing their examinations and are no doubt enjoying the opportunity to stop, breathe and relax after what has been an incredible journey for them all throughout their schooling days. Gook luck to those still doing examinations through until November 16, and all the very best to those that have already finished. We wish you well for the next chapter of your lives and have every confidence that your time with us here at Tintern will put you in great stead for whatever journey you have in front of you.

Our Years 7 to 11 are now focussed on their final weeks of 2022 which includes examinations for Years 9 – 11, camps/conferences and then transition into 2023 classes and subjects which begins on Friday 2 December.



Touch Rugby Tournament

On Tuesday 25 October we had two Year 9 teams (one girl team and one boy team) compete in a touch rugby tournament at Luther College. As a last minute entry, our teams had no time to train for the event and despite this performed exceptionally well. Read more in Sport Matters



Year 7 Night of the Notables

Our Year 7 Night of the Notables this year was an exceptional event. The activity has our Year 7s researching and becoming someone of historical note, culminating in the expo style presentation that we saw on Tuesday 25 October. Students spend the first half of Term 4 planning and researching their notable, discovering their achievements and their history, before putting this altogether as part of a display on the night. They dressed up in costume to match, had information for guests to read and prepared to be interviewed by guests about their notable. We had a wonderful turnout of visitors with over 200 people attending to show support and to meet many wonderful Notables. 


Year 7 Inaugural Kate Jenkins Public Speaking Competition

On Wednesday 26 October we held our first Kate Jenkins Public Speaking competition where our Year 7 students brought their persuasive writing skills to life by writing and presenting a persuasive speech to their class on a topic of their choice. Two finalists from each class progressed to the inaugural Kate Jenkins Public Speaking Competition last week. The contest is named in honour of Alumna Kate Jenkins Class of 1985. Kate Jenkins is Australia’s Sex Discrimination Commissioner and a member of the Australian Human Rights Commission. We thank adjudicators Jason McManus Vice Principal and Alumna Kirsty McDonald Class of 2011. We congratulate Kayla on winning with her speech topic ‘Is the impact of social media on an individual more harmful than useful?’


Years 10 & 11 Rone Art Excursion

On Thursday 3 November our Years 10 and 11 Art students were lucky to be able to see the Rone Art Exhibition in the city. Read more Arts Matters.


Wheelchair Basketball Rising Star

Like many teens Brady Cochrane loves playing basketball. He is a talented basketball player who aspires to represent Australia and is dedicated to his training regime to get there. After a full day of school in Year 8 at Tintern Grammar, he pushes himself to do what he needs to do to follow his dream.

Brady’s drive is an inspiration to students, staff and the entire Tintern Grammar Community as Brady was born with conditions that present physical challenges for him in everyday life. His diagnosis at birth of Bilateral Talipes (club feet) and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome mean he cannot walk very far, and his balance isn’t great, so he falls a lot and experiences pain all day, every day, which causes him fatigue. He has no movement in his ankles and is about to have his 15th surgery, that will slow him down for a while but with this unstoppable attitude he is bound to be back on court soon after.

Brady is following his dream of playing wheelchair basketball at the highest level. He trains for three hours every Sunday with the State Team as well as playing in an adult league on Thursday nights.

His achievements in his wheelchair basketball career so far have been:

  • Invited to the Basketball Without Borders camp where he played against NBA players.
  • Team member of the State Development Team
  • Division 1 competition in NSW, being the only under 18 player. Playing against current and past Paralympians and Commonwealth games gold medalists, as well as the New Zealand National team. Brady was the highest scorer in his team!
  • He will be playing at half time of the NBL game on 19 November 2022 in an exhibition game.
  • Invited to the Under 23 Australian Camp at the AIS (unfortunately at 14 years old, he will have to wait a few more years until he is 16 to stay at the AIS)

Recently at Tintern Grammar we held a Teachers v Students wheelchair basketball game, where Brady showed us all how it is done, dominating the court.



Brett Trollope | Head of Secondary 




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