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­Term 2 has started really well for everyone. We were fortunate to come back after ANZAC Day to some beautiful autumn weather which has helped everyone settle back into school and prepare themselves for the term ahead. This term is just 7½ weeks in length, therefore it is important that all students are quickly into their routines of school, both in the classroom and when at home.

During our Student Progress Meetings toward the end of Term 1, all students were assessed using our behavioural indicator rubric. This assessment tool helps to provide feedback regarding their preparation for, participation in, and attitude towards their learning. Students (and sometimes parents) can feel the expectation of performing when it comes to academic assessments, putting pressure on themselves to achieve certain grades and then feeling a sense of disappointment if they don’t achieve their expected levels. What is important for them to understand as they grow and mature is that the attributes and skills they develop from the behavioural rubric will continue with them into life after school. If they can develop the habits of good preparation, commit to always participating to their best and demonstrate a determined approach to all aspects of what they do, they will be well placed to achieve success. These behavioural indicators are assessed each term and students are encouraged to set goals around improving their results in all three areas.

As we approach the Winter months, the timing is appropriate to remind everyone that with the change of season into Winter brings with it a change of uniform. Throughout the year students have the option of wearing either the full school uniform (long pants, skirt, long-sleeved shirt, tie, blazer, etc.) or the summer alternatives; however, come the first of July our full uniform is compulsory for three months.


ANZAC Day Service and Assembly

ANZAC Day continues to grow in significance for many Australians as we look to pay our respects to those who served on the shores of Gallipoli in 1915, as well as all our service men and women who have been involved in armed conflicts since then and continue to do so today. On the morning of ANZAC Day our Secondary leaders and other students joined a large crowd at the Ringwood Clock Tower for the Dawn Service. Our school captains, Tash and Sean, presented a wreath on behalf of the school as our sign of respect. At our regular Friday Principal’s assembly we paid respect as a whole school with an assembly dedicated to the ANZACs. It included the story of the ANZACs, as well as the recital of a number of poems and songs that reflected experiences of the soldiers of that time.

During the recent holidays, Isaac Lin (Year 12) and Mrs Fulton (History and Legal Studies teacher) arranged for a group of cadets, led by Isaac, from the local Army Cadet Unit – 31 Army Cadet Norwood, to perform a catafalque party around our flagpole. This service was filmed and put together to be shown at the ANZAC Day assembly, helping to demonstrate the importance of our ANZAC history.

Cathedral Service – Friday 5 May

This Friday we have our Annual Cathedral Service at St Paul’s Cathedral in the city. This is one of our really important events as a school where we are provided with the opportunity to enjoy a dedicated service to our school in one of Melbourne’s most beautiful Cathedrals. We will be departing by bus from school following roll call and returning by 12:30pm. Students are required to be in full uniform for this special event.


The Resilience Project – Parent Webinar 

Tintern Grammar is excited to offer TRP in Action Parent/Carer Webinar, the second installment of our parent/carer information sessions offered by The Resilience Project in 2023.

Peter and his TRP Team are looking forward to presenting the TRP in Action for Parents/Carers webinar (with other schools) on Thursday 4 May from 6:30pm – 7:30pm.

What you can expect:

As we know, a whole school approach is key to supporting student wellbeing. This workshop is designed to inspire you with new ideas and simple strategies to extend GEM (Gratitude, Empathy & Mindfulness) practice from the classroom into your family home.

Please REGISTER for the Zoom Webinar by using the following link:

Information on how to access the webinar will be emailed to you prior to the seminar.


If you would like to view a recording of the webinar in case you miss it or cannot attend, please register using the link above, and you will receive an email after the seminar with a link to view the recording).

 If you have any questions, please email Rebecca Infanti on




We had some great results in the last week of Term 1, in the DAV competition, Round 2. Three of our four D grade teams won the debate, ‘That Uranium mining in Australia should be banned’. We also had three best speaker awards Amelie Yeoman (Tintern 1), Himandee Jayaratne (Tintern 2) and Zara Maitland – in her first debate (Tintern 3). Our B and C grade teams both had a bye and our A grade team was struck by illness and had to forfeit. Congratulations to our Debating Teams, our Debating coaches and Ms Derry Debating Co-ordinator. Tintern Grammar, a DAV competition host school, proudly supports the ongoing development of the skills of debating in our leaders of tomorrow.

We wish our teams the best of luck for Round 3 on Wednesday 3 May. Our senior teams have secret and advised topics which means they receive the topic on the night with limited preparation time. Our D grade teams’ topic is ”That the government should prioritise funding the arts over sports’.  Best of luck to all teams!



Brett Trollope | Head of Secondary



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