Term 2 has arrived with a bang and 5A has hit the ground running. Science is the name of our game this term and what better way to begin with a visit to Scienceworks?  We learned how the 23.5-degree tilt of the Earth affects the seasons around the world, looked at the night sky and constellations, got our hands on some robotics and technology of the future and examined how knowledge of the Human Body can enhance our results and performance in Sport. The students will now continue to follow an area of personal scientific interest, investigate, explore, research then present their findings and understanding to the public at our spectacular Science Fair on June 5th. In addition, Year 5 girls will be undertaking some hands-on experiments to learn about the importance of the scientific method, which includes the scientific technology components of CREST – the CSIRO Primary School Science and Technology Education initiative. Now that is something to get STEAMED up about!

by Kelli Green, Girls’ Year 5 Teacher



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