Science Week 2016

This week we have been celebrating Science week, with the theme of ‘Droids, Drones and Robots’. Gavin Choong, 10A, kicked off the week with a lecture on ‘Special Relativity’ to an enthusiastic group of year 7 to 10 students. While the topic was very difficult indeed, Gavin explained it well and kept his audience involved. He clearly has a great future in Science Communication, as well as anything else he wishes to turn his hand to!

On Wednesday, at lunchtime, the Science captains, Maksis Darzins and Simon Pywell, and some enthusiastic assistants, including Jack Dowling, flew a drone over the hockey ground, demonstrating the ability of drones to take photos from overhead. The drone was observed at a safe distance by a keen group of students.

To finish off the week, a group of students met in S32 on Thursday at lunchtime to practice their programming skills with Lego Mindstorms robotics kits. Maksis and Simon presented a summary of the week to the school in Friday’s assembly.

I would thank the Science Captains Maksis and Simon for their enthusiasm and expertise in organising this week’s events and Gavin Choong for his most valuable contribution to the success of Science week.

by Lanna Derry, Head of Science




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