Science Science Science!

Robots are taking over the class in Year 4!  As part of our Scientriffic Unit the boys are having a great time with Expedition Atlantis and our Lego Mindstorms kits. 

Expedition Atlantis is a program that ‘presents mobile robot math problems in a highly scaffolded and contextualized manner’.  It encourages the boys to use math rather than guesswork and focuses on proportional reasoning in particular.  Our early experiments with the program have been incredibly popular and the boys’ level of concentration and enthusiasm has been really pleasing 

We are also fortunate enough to have 2 Lego Mindstorms EV3 Robotics kits in our classroom and are progressing through the very detailed course provided.  Understanding gears, levers, cogs and pulleys are all part of the course which also includes a coding component to move the final robots.

We are going to be busy!

by John Bonnyman, Boys’ Year 4 Teacher



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