Science Expo in The Early Learning Centre

Last week, we celebrated science and technology with the children during Science Week. The focus of Science Week is to connect with others, experiment and make scientific discoveries. The Early Learners and Pre-Preps are a curious bunch and they showed a desire to learn and research alongside us.

Throughout the week, the children explored complex scientific ideas such as water density, chemical change, chromatography, surface tension and crystal growth, all through the joy of play. We also had the opportunity to introduce the Cubetto, Bee Bots and Ozobots where the children got to try their hand at coding!

On Wednesday, we set up a Science Expo and showcased our favourite experiments to our friends and family. Each class got to observe what the others have been learning, which was great exposure to a range of experiments and a chance to get our hands dirty.

STEM skills are in high demand and will be part of our children’s future, so why not engage the young mind in all things STEM!



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