We set SAIL in 2017

We have raised anchor and set SAIL in the Boys’ Junior School.

Whilst continuing to use  the Tintern Compass to steer our values, every year we use a different theme in which to immerse our boys, and to provide a new context through which we can share and discuss different topics and events relevant to our boys’ development.

This year we SAIL, encouraging our boys to further develop themselves by being Selfless, Aspirational, Independent and Lion-Hearted.

There are many interesting ways to present and discuss each of these, and already we investigated what it means to be selfless, and how we do indeed need to be self-ish on occasions.

On 24 March our Junior School boys and girls will demonstrate selflessness as they participate in a Wheelathon, raising money to build wheelchairs for greatly disadvantaged children overseas.

On the last day of term, our Year 3-6 boys will SAIL the bay on the tall ship, the Enterprize, while our Prep-Year 2 boys will spend time on the Polly Woodside….hands on ways to complement our SAIL theme.

It’s all hands on deck as the SS Junior School heads towards new horizons.



2023 Term Dates