SAIL v.2

SAIL v.2

In our Assemblies this term we have introduced the boys to our SAIL version 2.

STRONG: the importance of being strong mentally… dealing with adversity, maintaining a positive approach, forging ahead… We have discussed people such as Mike Tyson and OJ Simpson who may appear to be strong, yet in reality, have character ‘weaknesses’ that have led to inappropriate choices and behaviour.

ACCEPTING: the importance of diversity, the need to accept differences amongst people, accepting that we are all different (but NOT accepting disrespect or inappropriate behaviour).

INSPIRE: self and others, through work and action.

LANGUAGE: I have spoken with the boys previously about the power of words, both negative and positive, in self-talk and in communication with others. This will be a focus for us this semester. I also introduced the boys to the concept of the 5 Love Languages, as developed by Gary Chapman.

According to Gary Chapman we all have an avenue of ‘love’ to which we respond best; this may be a hug, a high five, a ruffle of the head (Physical touch); having someone do a positive deed (Act of Service); being given a gift, a sticker (Receiving Gifts); sitting side by side, just ‘being’ with a significant other (Quality Time); or receiving a note, being the recipient of kind words (Words of Affirmation). By knowing our children’s Love Language, and by knowing our own, it helps us develop a sense of love and care. Identifying this language is a strong concept.

We’ll be looking at the 5 Love Languages as a part of our LANGUAGE in SAIL throughout the semester.



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