S.T.E.M Activity – Spaghetti Structures

Standing, standing, and…… CRASH! The Year 6 girls showed great persistence when creating our Spaghetti Towers. Using spaghetti, plasticine and marshmallows the Year 6 girls set out to create the tallest Spaghetti Tower that they could.

We kept on trying, showed amazing perseverance and eager to find a resolution when creating our various models, experimenting with different structures and shapes to get a stable, secure edifice. Most girls had to restart their Towers multiple times, changing the placement of the pieces or the material they used to stick the pieces together. We focused on the engineering principles, the use of shapes such as triangles, struts and cross bracing and also creating a broader base which would gradually become narrower. In building one of the most successful towers, Ella and Genevieve had to work on ladders!

This fun task was a great way for us to learn about basic engineering and geometry strategies. Using the fundamental knowledge of the properties of shapes and structures, we all created original and unique towers. Overall, it was a fun, sticky project which involved us in the STEM program in a creative and enjoyable way. Oh, and many marshmallows never actually made it into the towers!  

by Mayunie Munasinghe, Year 6A



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