Rock Climbing Camp

Spending our Summer Expedition in the scenic Frequient National Park, Tasmania was an unforgettable experience we all treasured for many different reasons. Whether it was running to our airport terminal during final call at 6 am in the morning or finally reaching that gripping hold on the rock face, these challenges and experiences we were faced with granted us the ability to gloat to our families and family about our amazing and adventurous week.

Our rock-climbing mentor Rod taught us all we needed to know from lead climbing to abseiling to basic belaying technique to constructing a secure anchor at the top of the cliff. These skills all came in handy during the week and will sure be in use in our future adventures.

This camp was fantastic for everyone as it could be suited for dare-devils, who wanted to abseil down cliffs frontward or those who aren’t too keen of heights and would rather belay or climb smaller walls. This provided the opportunity for everyone to get involved.

One of the most significant memories during this week was after a challenging climb and reaching the peak of the wall, turning around and seeing a majestic whale ascend from the water. Though the climbing and scenery was amazing, I’m sure we will all never forget the big group chats around the camp table getting to know each other on a closer level and contrasting our experiences from the day.

By Julia Rosenbrock – 9C



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