Remembrance Day


On the 11th of November, the leadership team for 2016, accompanied by Mr Fry, were lucky enough to represent Tintern  at the annual Ringwood RSL Remembrance Day Service.

For all those in attendance it was a moving and thought invoking experience. It was an opportunity to reflect over the many who fell victim to war, or whose lives’ would never be the same because of it. Many members of the wider community, as well as those representing other schools from the region were also present to pay their respect.

Our school captains Michael and Gen were given the opportunity to lay a wreath, in commemoration of those who were lost in the conflicts in which Australia has been involved.

As we walked under the railway bridge along Ringwood street to reach the Clocktower where the service was held, we passed a beautiful mural which was freshly painted to commemorate the event. We were asked by the artist to each add a cross on the wall as a sign of respect, and in speaking to him found that he took much of the inspiration for his painting from the artwork of a past Tintern student. As it happens, a student had painted a piece a few year ago which had since been on display in the Ringwood RSL. It was a pleasant surprise to see such a gorgeous piece splayed across the concrete, inspired by the work of one of our own.

Remembrance day is a chance for the nation, and in a more isolated sense, the Ringwood and surrounding community, to recall the events which shaped our country, and remember the honourable men and women who risked their lives to protect it. We were privileged to be able to attend, and make our small contribution to the service.

by Ryan Tierney, Year 11


Back at school, our Prep – Year 9 students gathered together to mark this occasion and reflect on the sacrifices made for us.




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