Regional Softball Final

I told the boys’ softball team that it is not about winning. It’s all about being victorious! So with this singled minded motto is mind the boys went into battle it out in the Regional Softball Finals against Croydon Hills Primary School.

Once we saw the opposition batting we knew we had a battle on our hands. However, it didn’t perturb us. It didn’t disturb us. It made as focus and push for the win right up until the game was over.

The boys picked up their strategies very quickly and we slowed their run rate right down keeping them pegged on the bases, making it hard for any home runs.

The end result was 4-7. Yes, we weren’t victorious or winners for that match, but to get to the finals undefeated is an exceptional achievement.

Croydon Hills were a very challenging and well trained team but I’m pleased to say we certainly didn’t go down without a good fight.

Each boy is to be congratulated on such great sportsmanship and their ability to remain focused and driven in the face of adversity.


There is always next year…..      

Go Tintern!

by Mr Lee White, Year 5 Teacher



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