Reading Stars!!!

My STARS reading group has been working studiously to develop their skills in the 12 different reading strategies over the year. The boys have worked with a variety of text types such as narratives, poems, reports and biographies. Recently we have been focusing on the strategy ‘Finding Word Meaning in Context’ and the discussions have been extremely valuable for increasing vocabulary, understanding word usage and discovering synonyms. When asked about the STARS program, Arya stated that he found it to be fun and educational and Oliver said that he has learnt a lot from the stories as well as improving his ability to answer the questions. Isaac likes the fact that he has learnt new words by reading the stories and Kristian enjoys the mixture of non-fiction and fiction texts. All boys agree that the STARS program has helped them tremendously with their reading.

by Sue Sparkes, Year 3 class teacher



2023 Term Dates