Prep-Year 2 Swimming Carnival

Last Friday the Prep-Year 2 Swimming Carnival was a fabulous conclusion to our Intensive Swim Program. Whilst there were understandably a few butterflies in tummies before we started, it was all smiles as the events commenced. As we discussed with the girls, it was great to take on a challenge and try something new, whilst knowing the swim teachers and Year 6 girls would be in the pool as ‘engine power’ backup if needed! We suspect there will be some weary swimmers, very timely with a four day break ahead. You can enjoy photos on the portal. Thank you for Mr Viney, Mrs Yardley and Mrs Campbell for their support to run the program, as well as Mrs Worland and Mrs Wagner for their help on the day.

Mary Whitcher

Prep-Year 2 Coordinator and Prep Teacher





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