Prep – Year 1 Pyjama Party

There was much excitement when the Preps and Year 1s arrived back at school on Friday night (November 17) for their Pyjama Party.

Along with their favourite soft toy from home, the boys’ listened to a Christmas story read by Mrs Mac.

We continued the Christmas theme with a craft activity. The boys made a decoration to take home and put on their Christmas tree. They constructed a star using 5 sticks (sourced from the playground… no shortage!) Once their sticks were glued in place they were able to decorate their star with sparkly twine, gift ribbon and/or tinsel.

Of course, there always needs to be supper at a Pyjama Party. Fruit and marshmallow skewers were on the menu but first they had to be assembled before they could be eaten. A combination of strawberries, green grapes and marshmallows looked very colourful and Christmassy and judging by the way the disappeared – quite delicious too!

As with all good things, the evening had to end and the boys – somewhat exhausted – went off home with their parents.

by Claire Macdonald and Jen Sloane, Prep and Year 1 Teacher



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