Prep girls and boys visit Melbourne Zoo

On Wednesday 14 August the Prep girls and boys visited the Melbourne Zoo to learn more about Animal Lifecycles.

The skies were cloudy and grey on the way in, so we were all rugged up with our coats and backpacks on. We noticed that our bus driver had to put his windscreen wipers on, but luckily the rain had cleared away by the time we entered the Zoo.

Our day began with a briefing from Zoo staff, then we walked to our Zoo teacher-led sessions where the girls were introduced to a tortoise before exploring the wonderful Sensory Garden. We learnt that tortoises use their muscles to draw their heads into their shells if they are feeling scared. Did you know that tortoises love lettuce? We each got to gently stroke the tortoise’s shell before our tour of the garden. In the garden, we discovered animal teeth mobiles, cocoons from different moths, animal scat and animal skin samples and a range of lifecycle objects that we had to sort into birth, young and adult sections. The boys got to meet a python up close, after their exploration of the Zoo Sensory Garden, where they used magnifying glasses and binoculars to help them be Wild Explorers. In our Wild Explorer teams, we then explored the Zoo, finding lemurs, seals, birds, lions, tigers, giraffes, penguins, meerkats and reptiles throughout the day.

During our lunch break, some of the children noticed a bright blue macaw, who was being cheeky, not returning to the keepers. We enjoyed watching them trying to lure the macaw down with some food. The macaw clearly enjoyed his adventure too, before returning to the perch! After lunch and some more map reading, we explored the section of the Zoo that ultimately led us back to the bus. We so appreciated the help of Michelle Rogers, Katherine Gracey and Katherine Ross all day. It was a magical day, full of interest, excitement and very receptive students! Well done, everyone!

by Mallory Peters, Nicole Thomas, Maria Dell’oste & Christine Campbell



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