Prep Excursion to Kew Traffic School

The Prep Boys enjoyed an excursion to the Kew Traffic School on Thursday 1 June to complement their Integrated Studies topic of Transport. The session involved Road Safety Education information and videos, followed by some hands-on practical bike riding around a series of little roads. The boys had to learn to keep to the left and obey the traffic lights. Our thanks to the parents who were able to join us, and to Mr Kenny for driving the bus. Here are the boys’ reflections on the morning:

The best thing about the Kew Traffic School was…

…riding the bikes on the track. We learnt to stop when the lights were red. Alex

…racing around on the bikes and playing on the little train with Nathan. Harkunwar

…riding the bikes and playing in the train. Nathan

…riding the bikes through the traffic. Matthew

…riding the bikes on the off road track. It was enjoyable. Kobe

…being able to ride the bikes around the roundabout. Michael

…riding around the roads and learning about traffic signs. Felix

…riding the bikes through the traffic lights and watching the safety videos. Declan

…riding the bikes on the pretend roads and going on the off road track. Fion

…playing in the little Post Office and calling my Mum on the Telstra phone! Oliver

…riding the bikes on the off road track and changing lanes on the pretend roads. Alexander

…going on the off road track. It was fun riding on the roads and going on the one-way street. Orlando

…riding on the bikes, stopping and going at the traffic lights and racing around the roads with my friends. Ashton

…going in the little buildings. The trains and trams were so cute and had seats inside. I liked going on the off road track. Kai

…riding the bikes on the little roads. I liked stopping at the traffic lights. Ocean

It would have been better if…

…we could have stayed there all day. Alex

…the whole class could stay there all day. Harkunwar

…I didn’t get stuck on the train track. Nathan

…if my Mum could have ridden a bike too. Matthew

…we could go there again. Kobe

…we could go again. Michael

…we could have stayed there all day. Felix

…if there had been little jumps to go over. Declan

…we could have stayed there longer. Fion

…we could stay there forever! Oliver

…if the lights were always green and you didn’t have to stop at the red lights. Alexander

…there had been some hills to ride up and down. Orlando

…we could have gone back the next day as well. Ashton

…we stayed there all day! Kai

…we could go back every single day. Ocean

by Claire MacDonald, Prep Boys’ Classroom Teacher



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