Positive Growth Mindset

In our weekly Assemblies, the Olympics continue to be an excellent source of discussion about values and attitude, and the importance of a Positive Growth Mindset.

We have recently watched the response of Anna Meares, stating how proud and happy she was to receive a bronze medal, and the comments of the Matilda’s coach after their loss in a penalty shootout, stating that ‘We are proud of everyone, we gave it everything”, as opposed to comments in the media that tended to highlight non medal performances as being ‘failures’. If our boys feel that not succeeding is a ‘failure’ rather than an opportun8ityn to try harder, they may well be adverse to ‘having a go’.

Most recently, we have watched the amazing video for the paralympics, with the theme ‘Yes I Can.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzjuQoNM534

What an inspiring message!!

Two of the aspects of a Positive Growth Mindset we talk about are “I can always improve” and “I can learn anything I want to”. Again, the importance of “CAN” is highlighted.  A quote that we share with our boys is ‘Success comes in cans, Failure comes in cant’s.”

Every day we need to encourage and support our boys with a Positive Growth Mindset…if your son uses “I can’t…”, try to steer him towards “I can…” under the umbrella of “mistakes are proof I’m trying”…….

Book Week

As approaches, our Junior School boys are busily trying to match our staff to their favourite book….this is always a fun way of sharing and modelling the value and fun gained from regular reading.

I did enjoy the question that a Year 1 boy asked this morning in assembly.. “How come your fabvourite book changes every year?” A terrific insight into the minds of children, and a wonderful opportunity to highlight that we all have many favourite books!

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