Police Officer follow up visit

Special thanks to Sarah Ibrahim in Prep for sharing her Aunty Lyn (also known as police officer Lyn) with us! Police officers Lyn and John came for a follow up visit to the IJDay girls on Monday, this time to announce the winners of the colouring competition. Congratulations to Alessia Ferraro, Jessica Stuchbery, Erin Gao and Maddison Bailey for their first prize awards. Each of the girls who entered were excited to receive a laminated certificate featuring a police helicopter flying over the Shrine of Remembrance. Police officer Lyn was very complimentary to the girls who went the extra distance by adding information to their entries, including messages such as the importance of wearing seat belts in cars and not talking to strangers. Special thanks to the police officers for taking time out of their busy day to visit us.

 Mary Whitcher – Prep teacher




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