Poetry In Action Incursion

On Thursday, 9th of June, the year 7’s and 8’s departed from their normal routines to attend a poetry performance by the group “Poetry In Action”, a group that has performed at Tintern numerous times now, teaching the students about the wonders of poetry through a somewhat interactive comedic performance based around the poetic devices “Rhyme, Rhythm, Imagery, Theme.”

The show was quick, memorable and amusing, with numerous pop culture references and unexpected events as well as interesting reimagining of some characters and tropes, such as a Dr Brown doppelgänger, a poet who believes he is destined to out-poet Banjo Paterson, an evil dark knight, a peppy Jester and all of those types. The beauty of this show, however is the constant and effective use of poetry and poetic devices, despite the fact that they change shows regularly, showing an amazing knowledge of the subject to be able to learn it in such a short period of time.

In short, the Poetry In Action show was short, sweet, funny and educational, all rolled into one session of viewing entertainment.

by Jac Bellfinch, Year 8



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