Planetarium and Science Works Excursion

Sometimes learning is done through hands on experiences. To see, touch and utilize is a very effective way to understand how things work and Science works was no exception!

The Junior boys and girls all enjoyed investigating and exploring many activities under the exhibits titled ‘Think Ahead’, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and Sports Works. Each section allowed the students to explore and interact and have heaps of fun whilst learning.

Everyone particularly enjoyed the Sports Works where you got to race, virtually of course, Kathy Freeman. You could measure your strength, your ball skills with handball, shooting for goals in basketball and netball and have a virtual race using wheel chairs in the Para-Olympics. There were many exhibits to test your skills in other fascinating ways.

Think Ahead was a future themed exhibit that was interactive and very engaging. Some boys and girls even designed and displayed their own ‘car of the future’ using aspects of futuristic design.

One of the highlights however, was attending the shows at the Planetarium. It was outstanding and the ‘Space Odyssey’ short film was out of this world (no pun intended).

The excursion was a great way to reinforce all that we boys and girls have been studying during our terms topic of ‘The Solar System and Beyond….’

Once the action packed day was done, some even needed a nap on the way home!

by Claire MacDonald
Junior Boys’ Prep teacher
Junior Schools Curriculum Co-ordinator




2023 Term Dates