Pathways Subject Selection Evening 2016

On Wednesday June 8 a large number of current Year 9 and 10 families braved the winter’s night to attend our Pathways and Subject Selection evening. This is the first of two evening events which aim to assist students and parents decide which program pathway they will pursue in the Senior College.

Our current Year 10 students and families are nearing the point where they will decide on the pathway for their final 2 years of schooling and it is for them that this evening is primarily aimed. However, we always invite Year 9 students and families to this evening as it provides an opportunity for them to hear about our Senior College offerings and to commence an awareness of VCE, VET and IB terms and jargon. Also, some Year 9 students will apply to study a VCE subject whilst in Year 10 instead of a Year 10 elective in the Timetable.

At this evening Mr Jason McManus the Vice Principal for Teaching and Learning explained the process of subject selection which occurs every year and then our Heads of VCE/VET and IB presented on the details of each program, their similarities and differences and what they offer for different leaners.

First Nola Brotchie outlined the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, then Mr Andrew Cho, our VCE combined and Vocational Education Training (VET) Co-ordinator, outlined these programs. Finally, Mrs Heather Ruckert our Career’s Co-ordinator, gave an overview of how all three programs prepare students for university entrance and careers beyond, and how the school provides support for families in navigating these decisions.

The presentations have been placed on the MyTintern Portal in the Useful Information section of the Senior College page in Student Services or from this link If there are any further questions please contact any of our presenters by email to discuss these with them. Year level co-ordinators, Heads of Middle School, pastoral mentors and classroom teachers can also be good sources of information about how your son or daughter might be suited to different pathways.

The Course and Subject Guide, which outlines all of these details and processes will be available on the portal on the last day of term and also emailed to all Secondary families along with a timeline for all secondary students for our subject preference and timetable building process.

In Term 3, on Wednesday 20 July, we run the second key event in this process, the Subject Showcase Evening. Here, Heads of Faculty and teachers are available for questions on each specific subject offered across these three pathways in the Senior College. Prior to this event starting, Mr McManus will run a short briefing to families of current Year 9 students on the details of studying a VCE Unit 1 and 2 subject as part of a Year 10 program.

Subject selection is entered online, in Week 3 – July 22 – July 31 next term. All secondary families should take the time to consider subjects of interest in the Course and Subject Guide over the holidays. Year 7-11 students will receive training on the online selection early next term at school.

Our process is one based on student preferences and is important to note that, as in all schools, subjects will run based on viable student numbers of these preferences and this is a year-by-year decision process.

I hope those who attended found the evening informative and useful.

J McManus



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