Learn more about our Careers Night Alumni Attendees

Some more of the many wonderful Alumni who attended our Careers Night on the 18 May.

Brooke Williams (Class of 1998)

Industry: Health & Medical (Physiotherapy)

Job Title: Director and Practice Principal

Website: www.backinmotion.com.au

I graduated from Tintern way back in 1998, which makes me sound and feel very old particularly given it’s before any of you were born! I was a Tintern “survivor” so completing all my schooling at Tintern, and was understandably quite distraught to leave my very well known and loving school community that I had enjoyed being such a part of.  I was lucky enough to gain direct entry into the Bachelor of Physiotherapy at The University of Melbourne which was both exciting and daunting. Lucky for me, the Physiotherapy course has a small intake of around 100 students each year, there are no elective subjects and you do all lectures/tutes with the same 100 people. In essence, it wasn’t all that different from school with a close knit group of 1st year students, just like my school year. With all the practical components of my course requiring varying states of undress, I soon got to know my fellow peers very well! The physiotherapy school was very social which made uni that much better. I absolutely loved the course and felt very well prepared to begin my career as a Physiotherapist.

I graduated in 2002 and commenced working at Maroondah Hospital and became the club physiotherapist for East Ringwood Football Club after being a sports trainer there throughout my undergrad degree. The whole experience was equal parts educational and enjoyable. I made great friends and was really able to cement my skills as a physio. In 2004, I resigned from

Maroondah and bought a one-way ticket to the UK on a working holiday. I worked all over the UK in hospitals and in private practice for three years in total before I decided to return home at the start of 2007. I managed to travel to 35 countries over this time and developed my physio skills a little bit too. It was a fantastic life experience that I would highly recommend. Returning to Melbourne, I took on a clinical educator role for the 3rd and 4th year physio students on their clinical placements before landing my role as Practice Principal at a new private practice in the city, with Back in Motion. I have now been at Back In Motion for 10 years. I am the Director, of the clinic managing a team of two admin and three physiotherapy staff and I love what I do. In 2008 I went back to uni and studied Continence and Pelvic Floor physiotherapy and am now the clinical lead across our national network. I have been lucky enough to be asked to author a chapter on Pilates in “Now We’re Talking” and one on Pelvic Floor health in “Get Yourself Back In Motion.”

Being a physiotherapist is a diverse job. It allows you constant interaction with different people, you become their trusted health provider and you get to work with lovely, engaging people every day who are looking at bettering themselves. I get to feel a great sense of achievement when you help someone achieve their goal, give them relief from an injury or make a life-changing difference to them.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BackInMotionMelbOnCollins/  

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brooke-williams-b1410a39/

Ben Cash (Class of 2004)

Industry: Sales

Job Title: Sales Manager

Website: www.notatrace.com.au / www.fodmapped.com / www.bakedonbond.com.au

Hi everyone, I’m Ben. I was part of the first year 12 group to finish at Southwood in 2004.

I went straight from school to Swinburne University where I completed my Bachelor of Business (major in Marketing and minors in Tourism and Public Relations). During my time at university I was part of an Industry Based Learning programme which allowed me to complete a years full-time paid work for a major organisation learning about the in’s and out’s of working in the real world. It’s amazing what real work application does to your university grades!

After graduating I rewarded myself with travel. I never expected this to include four winters at Mt Hotham, two winters at Sunshine Village Ski Resort in Canada, backpacking around Europe and developing a deep love for travel. Those few years certainly has a lot to do with the person I am today. During this time I wanted to get involved at a community level and became a volunteer firefighter with the CFA at Mt Hotham and a paid firefighter at Sunshine Village. These days I’m still a volunteer with the CFA at Chirnside Park.

I eventually “grew up” and started working in customer service for an underwater pool lighting company. This small family business allowed me to create my own path way and before too long I had started my own department in Retail Sales.

I then got approached by a Macadamia and Chocolate facility where I worked for three years. I progressed from Trade Marketing Manager to National Account Manager and then onto International Sales Manager. My role was fantastic however when you average 1.5 flights per week for a full year, it can get a little tiring.

I was approached at the end of 2016 by my current employer to come on board as their first Sales Manager, a challenge I couldn’t refuse. Within this company we have three different joint ventures operating, so work is diverse and challenging. A lot of the time I wonder why I’m doing, then I have days when it all seems worthwhile. Again, it’s another small company where the owners are hands on.

Where to next will be anybody’s guess!

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ben-cash-51112636/

Kirsty McDonald (Class of 2011)

Industry: Technology Consulting

Job Title: Consultant

After finishing at Tintern in 2011, I went straight into a Bachelor of IT at Swinburne. I chose to go to Swinburne because of its reputation of having good connections with industry, and the job prospects this held. I completed two 6 month internships as part of my course, on at NAB and one at Siemens. This was really useful as it allowed me to get a taste of working in different areas, without having any commitments to stay at the company.

When I finished Uni it was really tough deciding what I wanted to do next, and I ended up choosing to start a graduate role at Deloitte in technology consulting. Two years on I’ve had a wide range of experiences and have met some amazing people. I’ve had the opportunity to work on a top secret merger and acquisition project, work with the Department of Defence to define how they buy IT and most recently I just finished up at Telstra helping them define a systems strategy. My roles on all these projects have varied greatly, and been dependent on what I’m working on.

In the top secret merger and acquisition project, I was working on a learning strategy with business psychologists. In the Department of Defence project I was working with finance consultants to cost model future situations and plan organisational structures. None of which I expected I would do when I first started.

I love the constant change and learning opportunities I get in consulting, and I know that as I continue into my career this will be something I continue to pursue.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kirstymcdonald/



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