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Our Alumni – where are they now?

Tintern alumni continue to appear in the media with 3 recent articles featuring Crystal Kimber (YG 2007), Harriet Shing (YG 1994) and Julia Nance (YG 2011)

Crystal Kimber (YG 2007) 

october-2016-full-shot-after-winnning-geelong-cup-fashion-on-the-field 2016-october-full-photo-at-caulfield-cup-day

FASHIONS on the Field devotee Crystal Kimber (YG 2007) has turned a love of looking good into a lucrative race day hobby. Having put her best foot forward in an estimated 45 fashions on the field competitions around Australia, the marketing brand manager from Cremorne has collected many prizes. Click here to read the full article which appeared in the Herald Sun.

Julia Nance (YG 2011)


It is very exciting that for the second year in a row, past student Julia Nance (YG 2011) has been featured in the renowned publication CAPTURE.  Her work is featured in the ‘emerging artists’ section where she was one of only 5 artists were selected Australia wide. To be included in such a publication is a tremendous achievement.

CAPTURE is Australia’s leading magazine for professional photographers. Julia has just completed her Bachelor of Fine arts Photography at RMIT and returned from a trip to Tonga where she explored underwater photography of whales. You can view her spectacular whale images and more on her instagram page: Tintern are proud owners of 2 of her works in photography in the Tintern Art Collection, which are currently on display in the Visual Art & Design area.

Harriet Shing (YG 1994)

Harriet Shing Victorian MP (YG 1994) featured in the Herald Sun Weekend on 19 November 2016. Harriet attended Tintern for her whole schooling life and according to the article is very grateful and thankful for her Tintern education. Harriet immersed herself in many activities at school particularly committed to the music, public speaking and the language programs. Harriet was music captain and Chamber choir leader in Year 12 and received 3 school awards in her final year; TOGA music award, German Consulate award and a general school award. Harriet has continued to be very active and passionate in life which you can read all about here in the recent article.





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