Past student news – Julie Battisti (YG 2002)

Julie Battisti graduated from Tintern Grammar in 2002 and ANU School of Art in 2006 with a Bachelor of Visual Arts majoring in painting. She chose ANU for its focus on practical techniques and the option of taking a conjoint degree (Julie also holds a Bachelor of Arts majoring in International Relations and Italian). Julie’s love of fine art grew from her experiences at Tintern Grammar where she took refuge from teenage life amongst the coffee and heaters of the art department, and realised she had found her home. 

At the end of 2014 she graduated with a Graduate Diploma of Education from Monash University, and volunteered in the Visual Art & design department at Tintern Grammar, assisting with the art resource library and exhibitions. Julie is now teaching years 7 to 12 at Lauriston Girls School.

Both her graduation exhibition Indulgence (2006) and Bedscapes (2010) explored sensual tactile smooth layered subjects against stark clear backgrounds on large canvases.

Julie has developed her abilities in ceramics, photography, drawing and printmaking.  However, her preferred medium is oil painting, because it is a relatively fluid medium which allows her to blend rich smooth layers of colours and shades to present texture and light – as well as being very forgiving when she decides part of a work isn’t up to scratch.  With the limitless possibilities of oil painting in mind, Julie has the following quote pinned to her studio wall:

 “A work of art is never finished – it is merely abandoned” – E.M. Forster

Her latest exhibition is at Cambridge Studio Gallery, Collingwood , Melbourne from November 19- December 4.


Please click here to read an article on Julie that featured in the Herald Sun today.







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