Passion….grow and thrive…nurturing of the whole student…embracing

I was surprised and delighted to see Boys Education ‘expert’ and speaker, Maggie Dent, share the video of the final stages of our Prep – Year 12 video from last week’s special assembly.

Her comment, “Wow. A school culture that is rich in tradition with a school song or motto, that encourages the nurturing of the whole student with passionate educators can create an excellent fertile soil for tomorrow’s adults to grow and thrive. Congratulations Tintern Grammar and the Southwood boys for standing close and embracing each other in this farewell moment for the final year students. Moving and positively memorable – and very inspiring.”

“Passion….grow and thrive…nurturing of the whole student…embracing..”

What wonderful words to describe all that occurs here at Tintern Grammar, for our boys and girls.

I spoke in our Year 3 – 6 Assembly yesterday about the need to embrace camaraderie, to develop and build respect for peers and our community, and that that is what these Year 12 boys, supported by their school and family, have done.

As we come to the end of Mental Health Month, it is so important that we look after ourselves and our peers by ensuring that we have a positive growth mindset and that we understand that mistakes happen and challenges occur, and that this helps us learn and grow. In sharing the journey of our Year 12s, I have seen all of the boys confront academic, emotional and social challenges at some point, but they are the richer and stronger for having done so, and are a credit to themselves and their families.

Our Prep – Year 12 Assembly affords our younger boys the opportunity to see that the young men that they, too, will become, can still have fun, share mateship and display outstanding respect to each other and their school.

It was indeed a ‘WOW” moment at Tintern Grammar. Watch the video below to relive the moment.



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