Parents welcome to attend FOE Meeting tonight (Tuesday 18 September) to learn more about this merry group

Dear fellow horsey parents

Friends of Equestrian (FOE) are starting to move into the planning phase of the year for the Tintern 19th Interschool Horse Trial Championships. We have two wonderful parents (families) who will be finishing up with us and we would love to publicly thank them for all their hard work. Sarah and Phil Thompson (Brooke, Year 12) and Elizabeth Sinclair and Michael Cox (Jimmy, Year 12). Sarah has worked on the committee for the last 4 years and, in more recent years, she looked after the Judges’ catering and fed us all over the weekend brilliantly. Phil has been on the committee as our Risk/Safety Coordinator and has worked in this capacity at the event as well as Crash crew for quite a number of years. Elizabeth has been Secretary of FOE for the last two years and has been a wonderful Gear Check Coordinator at the Horse Trials. Michael Cox has worked as Crash Crew at the Horse Trials for many years. Both of these families have been an integral part of both the FOE committee and the Horse Trials and their input and support has been invaluable. We thank them for their commitment and dedication to both the event and the committee and most importantly to our riders.


Our next meeting is tonight (Tuesday 18 September 2018) from 7.30pm at Kennedy Cottage and will be a meeting to review positions both on the FOE and on the organising committee for the 2018/19 Horse Trials. All positions will be vacant. Please consider attending this meeting to meet the current committee and ask questions both about the FOE and Horse Trials. We love suggestions and help. We would love the extra hands moving forward. I am happy to be Event Coordinator for 2019 but this will be my last year in this position (unless someone would like to take it on this year?) So, it will be important for succession planning for this event for other parents to look at stepping in/up to take on this role for 2020 and perhaps beyond.

Roles to be filled on FOE/Horse Trials organising Committee

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Vice president
  • Clinic Coordinator
  • General committee

Horse Trials

  • Event Coordinator ( plus assistant Co-ordinator)
  • Cross Country Coordinator
  • Show Jump Coordinator
  • Dressage Coordinator
  • Gear check Coordinator
  • Catering Coordinator
  • Office Coordinator
  • Media Coordinator
  • Sponsorship and Raffle Coordinator
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Safety/Risk
  • First aid Coordinator
  • Ground maintenance Coordinator
  • Crash crew x 4 (comment for the event)

The above positions are all integral to the running of the Horse Trials and have been covered by a small number of committee members. These positions can be held without being on FOE but we will require some attendance at the Horse Trials planning meetings.

If you would be interested or would love further details be do not hesitate to call Karen or myself on the below numbers.

Sandy Garland

FOE President – 0425 735 577

Karen Trevorrow

FOE Vice President – 0438 858 353

by Sandy and Karen 



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