Parent Representatives

Jessica Adam

Hello fellow Tintern Grammar parents,
As a new parent in the Tintern Community I’ve been particularly keen on the opportunities to meet other parents and stay connected. I’ve volunteered to help organise representatives for each class/year level as I believe parent involvement in the classroom and school community is a critical piece to the overall sense of community we share.
We’re still looking to find parent representatives for many classes.  Would you please consider signing up to represent your son or daughter’s class?  
Generally speaking, Parent Reps help by organising class or year level gatherings in order to provide opportunity to better get to know one another.  Now that Eastland is complete, there are many great places to meet for lunch, coffee or wine:  Alternatively we have Cafe Emjay in Ringwood East or Leaf and Vine in Ringwood North:
Parent representatives also help to keep parents informed of class/school gatherings (i.e. – Community Relations and/or your class teacher may contact you asking you help promote an event.)  Parent Representatives will be notified of upcoming school events through the Community Relations Office and are also encouraged to periodically check in with your classroom teacher to see if there are any upcoming classroom events to promote or assist with.
If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, please let me know.  I’m happy to help assist you. You can contact me on 0423 223 296 or


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