Orientation Day Year 7 helpers do a great job!


Last Wednesday the final Year 7 2016 orientation day took place and it was a day full of excitement and activity. What probably made it memorable for the Year 6 girls was the Tintern famous fashion show and “What if’s”. The fashion show was absolutely fabulous – there were lights makeup and music! The hosting was performed by Ashleigh Dowling and Angel Tully who put together witty commentary as the students strutted down the catwalk. Year 7 students displayed how our Tintern uniform should be worn and what may be inappropriate. This was followed by several groups of students from Year 7 performing some delightful sketches about things that might go wrong in 2016 and how to deal calmly with these events. For example “What if I lost my MYKI card?” and “What if I forgot my padlock combination.” Finally, the Year 6 students were treated to a guided tour with their Year 7 guides of our wonderful Tintern buildings and grounds. In the evening, during the Parent Information night, I had five delightful Year 7 volunteers to speak about their Year 7 experience.

A very big thank you to all my Year 7 students who did such a fantastic job.




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