Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child was a great opportunity for the year 8 girls to get involved to help with under privileged children. It started out with Ms Ross showing us videos and talking to us about the whole idea of the mission we were about to undergo. Basically, Operation Christmas Child is putting together shoe sized boxes of gifts suitable for the gender and age group that we, as the students chose. The items included in the boxes had to be suited for long distance travel, therefore nothing that would melt, leak or break. Making sure that would not happen, we selected something to love, create, clean or wear. After buying the presents, wrapping them and bringing them to school, we worked together as a team to prepare them for delivery. The boxes are now on their way to the children in need and we hope that they will love them as much as we loved helping them.

By Emily Vandenbroeck and Phoebe Young




2023 Term Dates